Shepherd writeup

1. Summary:

   The document shepherd is Spencer Dawkins. The responsible Area Director is Barry Leiba. 

   This document removes the normative requirement from RFC 3405 for
   registrations in URI.ARPA to be from the IETF URI Tree.

   This document will be published as a Best Current Practice, since it updates BCP 35.

2. Review and Consensus

  This draft was Dispatched at IETF 108, to be AD sponsored, and Barry Leiba agreed
   to sponsor it. The conversation in Dispatch was broadly supportive, although
   Dispatch did not adopt the draft or call for working group consensus on it, so it will 
   receive a four-week IETF Last Call as per BCP 9. 

3. Intellectual Property

   The author has confirmed that he knows of no IPR that applies to this draft.

4. Other Points

   ID Nits reports a few informational references to obsoleted RFCs:

  -- Obsolete informational reference (is this intentional?): RFC 2717
     (Obsoleted by RFC 4395)

  -- Obsolete informational reference (is this intentional?): RFC 4395
     (Obsoleted by RFC 7595)

   Both of these references are intentional, because the draft is referencing
   the RFCs that got us into the current situation.