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Shepherd writeup

Shepherd writeup for draft-ietf-alto-unified-props-new-17

1. Summary.
The document shepherd is Vijay K. Gurbani, and the responsible area director is
Martin Duke.

The document is a Standards Track document, targeted as a Proposed Standard.
The WG has chosen the requested publication type since this draft extends the
base ALTO protocol in a normative manner.  Specifically, the document seeks to
extend the base ALTO protocol (RFC 7285) by generalizing certain properties
attached to ALTO endpoints.

2. Review and consensus.
The document has a long history in the ALTO WG, having first made its appearance
as an individual draft in March 2017, and was formally adopted as a WG item in
April 2017 [1].  It is an important draft as two other WG drafts depend on the
extensions defined in it.

A WGLC was issued for the draft on July 2020 [2].  Two reviewers were identified
that provided a detailed WGLC review [3,4].

The draft has broad consensus across the WG, no specific shortcomings have been
identified with the current version of the draft.  Over the years that the draft
has been active in the WG, it has been subject to revisions based on the WG
expectations.  At least three implementations of unified-props are known.  The
first implementation was by one of the authors (Wendy Roome), corresponding to
an older version of the draft.  A WG member (not a co-author) has implemented
unified-props as well (details on the exact version implemented are not known).
And finally, a small group of WG members (including one co-author) are planning
to implement the latest version of the draft as part of an open GitHub community

3. Intellectual property
The chair has received IPR declarations from Richard Yang, Sabine Randriamasy,
Jensen Zhang, Wendy Roome, and Kai Gao.  During the discussion of this I-D 
in the working group, no IPR issues has been raised to the best of my 

4. Other points
The document shepherd conducted a formal review of version 15 [6,7]; the
comments raised by the shepherd have been addressed in versions 16 and 17.

IDNits on version 17 reports: 
  1 error (**), 0 flaws (~~), 3 warnings (==), 2 comments (--).
Please fix these during AUTH48.