Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

   Document Shepherd: Donald Eastlake
   Area Director: Barry Leiba

   This document defines how non-Gregorian recurrence rules can be
   specified, for example Chinese New Year, in iCalendar data and with
   CalDAV servers primarily by extending the RRULE property. It is a
   Proposed Standard and updates RFCs 5545 (iCalendar), 6321 (xCal),
   and 7265 (jCal) as indicated at the top of the title page and as
   justified in the Introduction.

2. Review and Consensus

   The document was augmented and improved based on the discussion on
   the calsify mailing list, which the WG uses, of WG Last Call and
   the Shepherd review comments. Augmentations that were made to
   include extensions to xCal and jCal to handle the extended RRULE
   property. A moderate number of knowledgeable people chimed in and
   the document Shepherd believe review has been more than adequate.

   There was significant discussion about how the SKIP property should
   work, as different calendars and even different situations for the same
   calendar would demand different ways of skipping invalid dates/times
   and settling them onto valid ones.  The result in the document represents
   consensus on the least problematic way of dealing with this.

3. Intellectual Property

   There have been no IPR disclosures in connection with this draft
   and all authors have stated that they have no direct, personal
   knowledge of any IPR related to this draft that has not been

4. Other Points

   This document has no downward references and requires no IANA actions.