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Shepherd writeup

# Summary

Mark Nottingham is the Document Shepherd and Working Group Chair. Barry
Leiba is the responsible Area Director.

This specification defines HPACK, a compression format for efficiently
representing HTTP header fields, to be used in HTTP/2.

We intend this to be published as a Proposed Standard.

# Review and Consensus

We have enjoyed active participation from a broad community, including
browser vendors, intermediaries (such as CDN and proxy vendors), server
vendors and protocol library authors; this includes both commercial
vendors and open source libraries.

Our current implementation list is at:

Additionally, we have had participation and review from the
non-implementing HTTP community itself. We have substantial external
interest from the Web performance community as well.

We have also coordinated with the W3C, giving them regular updates
through the liaison and the TAG.

Process-wise, we were chartered to do this work in August 2012, with a
submission deadline of November 2014. We have treated that date
seriously, so as to bound the commitment of the developers and
implementers involved. As a result, we had a fairly high frequency of
interim meetings (six in two years), used both to discuss issues and to
hold interop events.

# Intellectual Property

The authors are currently working with their employers' respective legal
teams to update their existing disclosures, which have been brought to
the Working Group's attention.

for a full list of disclosures regarding this document.

# Other Points

This document has no considerations for IANA. It does not currently have an
IANA Considerations section; this will be inserted upon the next update.

IDNits reports a number of other warnings; they are all spurious.