Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Brian Trammell. The responsible Area Director is Spencer Dawkins.

The document defines a plan for testing implementations of RFC 2680 on one-way packet loss metrics, based upon the requirements set out in RFC 2680 itself, in order to evaluate ambiguity in RFC 2680 that may lead to interoperability problems. It also reports on the results of these tests with two independent implementation, and recommends the revision of RFC 2680 based on ambiguities found herein, with subsequent advancement of RFC 2680bis to Internet Standard.

2. Review and Consensus

The document has clear working group consensus for publication, and has been reviewed by several WG participants since its initial adoption as a working group item.

3. Intellectual Property

There are no IPR disclosures related to this document, and the shepherd is satisfied there is no undisclosed IPR on this document.

4. Other Points

RFC 2680bis already exists as an individual draft waiting for WG adoption; this draft was not adopted during the March 2013 rechartering of the WG, as current work on the RFC 2330 update and the IPPM performance metrics registry design team may impact the content of a future 2680bis. However, this draft has been complete for some time and is ready for publication.