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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Yaron Sheffer (IPsecME WG co-chair) is the document shepherd and Kathleen
Moriarty is the responsible AD.

This document replaces RFC 4835 in specifying requirement levels for various
cryptographic algorithms in the ESP and AH protocols. In the 7 years since that
older RFC was published, the security of some algorithms diminished, while
other, more secure algorithms were published and widely implemented.

This information is essential for interoperable implementation of the
protocols, and so the document is intended to be a Proposed Standard.

2. Review and Consensus

There was lively WG discussion around the specific algorithms and requirement
levels, but no major objections. There was wide consensus that the document
should be published.

3. Intellectual Property

The authors have stated that their direct, personal knowledge of any IPR
related to this document has already been disclosed, in conformance with BCPs
78 and 79.

4. Other Points

There are no normative downrefs.

Neither are there any IANA considerations.