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X.400 Image Body Parts

The information below is for an old version of the document that is already published as an RFC.
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This is an older version of an Internet-Draft that was ultimately published as RFC 2158.
Author Harald T. Alvestrand
Last updated 2013-03-02 (Latest revision 1996-03-02)
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draft                   X.400 image body parts                  Nov 95


                       Tue Nov 21 15:32:07 MET 1995

                         Harald Tveit Alvestrand

    Status of this Memo

    This draft document is being circulated for comment.

    Please send comments to the author, or to the MIXER list <ietf->.

    The following text is required by the Internet-draft rules:

    This document is an Internet Draft.  Internet Drafts are working
    documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), its
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    Internet Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six
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    The file name of this version is draft-ietf-mixer-images-00.txt

Alvestrand                  Expires May 96                    [Page 1]
draft                   X.400 image body parts                  Nov 95

    1.  Introduction

    This document contains the body parts defined in RFC 1495 for
    carrying image formats that were originally defined in MIME
    through an X.400 system.

    This document is an Experimental standard; if it turns out to be
    useful and widely deployed, it can be moved onto the standards

    Editor's note
         It is trivially easy to define new OIDs for these things as
         FTAM body parts. This gives us a much more capable (AND
         complex) encapsulation. Group input into this decision is

    2.  Newly defined X.400 body parts

    2.1.  The JPEG body part

    The following Extended Body Part is defined for JPEG data streams.
    It has no parameters.

       jpeg-body-part EXTENDED-BODY-PART-TYPE
         DATA            OCTET STRING
         ::= mime-jpeg-body

       mime-jpeg-body OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=
               { mixer-bp-data 3 }

    The content is as defined in [MIME].

    2.2.  The GIF body part

    The following Extended Body Part is defined for GIF data streams.
    It has no parameters.

       gif-body-part EXTENDED-BODY-PART-TYPE
         DATA            OCTET STRING

Alvestrand                  Expires May 96                    [Page 2]
draft                   X.400 image body parts                  Nov 95

         ::= mime-gif-body

       mime-gif-body OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=
               { mixer-bp-data 4 }

    The content is as defined in [MIME].

    3.  Defined equivalences with MIME types

    3.1.  image/jpeg - jpeg-body-part

    X.400 Body Part: Extended Body Part, OID jpeg-body-part
    MIME Content-Type: image/jpeg
    Conversion: None

    3.2.  image/gif - gif-body-part

    X.400 Body Part: Extended Body Part, OID gif-body-part
    MIME Content-Type: image/gif
    Conversion: None

    4.  Security considerations

    Security issues are not consiered in this memo.


         RFC 1521: N. Borenstein, N. Freed, "MIME  (Multipurpose
         Internet Mail Extensions) Part One:  Mechanisms for
         Specifying and Describing the Format of Internet Message
         Bodies", 09/23/1993

Alvestrand                  Expires May 96                    [Page 3]
draft                   X.400 image body parts                  Nov 95

Alvestrand                  Expires May 96                    [Page 4]