Shepherd writeup

Working Group:  NFSv4
Area Director:  David Harrington
Document Author/Shepherd:  Spencer Shepler (

Internet Draft:


  (1.a) Spencer Shepler ( is the document shepherd.
  	I have reviewed the document and believe it is ready as an RFC.

  (1.b) This document and the mechanisms it represents have been
  	reviewed within and outside of the NFSv4 working group.

  (1.c) The document shepherd has not identified any further
  	review or input as required.  

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  	of the I-D and the mechanisms it represents.  What comments 
	or feedback provided to the document authors have been 
	in addressed in this or earlier versions.

  (1.e) There is full NFSv4 working group consensus behind this document.
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	docuement and certainly no outstanding issues.

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  	with this I-D.

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  (1.h) The document has correctly divided references into 
  	normative and informative groupings.  All normative references
	are in the clear; there are no open dependencies.a

  (1.i) An IANA section does exist and it is appropriate for the I-D.
  (1.j) The I-D does not use any formal language as part of its specification.

  (1.k) <announcement is as follows>

   Technical Summary 

     The NFS version 4 protocol provides a natural way for a
     collection of NFS file servers to collaborate in providing an
     organization-wide file name space.  The DNS SRV RR allows a
     simple and appropriate way for an organization to publish the
     root of its name space, even to clients that might not be
     intimately associated with such an organization.  The DNS SRV RR
     can be used to join these organization-wide file name spaces
     together to allow construction of a global, uniform NFS version 4
     file name space.

   Working Group Summary 

     This NFSv4 name space discovery mechanism is an important first
     step to federating NFSv4 file servers.  Once an organization
     appropriate NFSv4 file server is located, the NFSv4 protocol,
     with the use of the FedFS backend services, will provide
     cohesive access to an organization's overall distributed file
     system name space.

   Document Quality 

     This document describes a effective use of a well-known mechanism.
     The mechanism has been prototyped and the working group is 
     comfortable with the future success of the mechanism.