Softwire Mesh Management Information Base (MIB)

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Comment (2015-12-01 for -12)
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- section 5.1, first two sentences:
The text can be interpreted to mean the subtree is the mechanism for that negotiation. I assume that's not the intent?

-5.1, last sentence:
I don't understand; what different tunnel?

-8, paragraph 6:
Do the 2119 keywords in this paragaph represent new requirements specified in this draft, or do they describe existing requirements from SNMPv3? If the latter, please use descriptive language rather than 2119 keywords.

-5.1, Third sentence:
Missing article before "Softwire mesh framework...".

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Comment (2015-12-19)
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Thanks for solving the DISCUSS point quickly.

Regards, Benoit

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Comment (2015-12-02 for -12)
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needs work before progressing.