Shepherd writeup

    The document shepherd is Joel Halpern.  The responsible Area Director is Martin Vigoureaux.

    The document is the base YANG Data Model for Segment Routing.  It provides a module for base configuration and operation of segment routing systems.  It also provides a module for detailed configuration and operation of MPLS segment routing.

Review and Consensus:
    The document has been well-reviewed within the SPRING working group.  An early YANG Doctor review was done, and the issues from that review addressed.  A last call YANG Doctor review has been requested.  There was good support for the document in the working group, and no controversy during the last call.  Some minor typographic issues were found and fixed during the shepherd review.

Intellectual Property:
    All authors have confirmed that all known relevant IPR has been disclosed as per BCP 78/79.  There are no IPR disclosures on the document.