Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Yoshifumi Nishida <>
The responsible Area Director is Mirja Kuehlewind <>.

This document describes CUBIC which is a congestion Control algorithm
used in TCP.
CUBIC modifies the standard congestion control mechanism in TCP in order to
address low utilization issues for networks with large BDP.
CUBIC is well deployed in the current Internet since it has been used as
the default congestion control scheme in Linux.
The objective of the draft is to document the mechanism of CUBIC in
Linux code as an informational RFC.

2. Review and Consensus

The TCPM working group had discussed how to document CUBIC mechanism and
reached the consensus to describe what is currently implemented as an
informational RFC.
If we see demands in the future, new version of the draft can be
published as a PS RFC,although it may require further discussions.

The draft has been reviewed and discussed by various participants in the WG
include experts from Linux kernel development community which have
been useful to adjust the description of detailed logics.
While the WG spent two year to discuss the draft, no major controversial
point has been raised during this process.
I believe there is a strong consensus in the WG for publication.

3. Intellectual Property

Each author has confirmed that their direct, personal knowledge of any
IPR related to this document has already been disclosed.

4. Other Points