Shepherd writeup


Shepherd: Leif Johansson
Responsible AD: Pete Resnick

This document provides recommendations for the use of Transport Layer
Security (TLS) in the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
(XMPP).  This document updates RFC 6120.

The document is intended for standards track.

Review and Consensus

The document extends the UTA TLS BCP to cover XMPP specifics and as
such is comparatively less controversial but has still seen enough 
review to determine consensus. The document has been last-called in 
both the XMPP and UTA WGs.

The review has been mostly done by a small circle of interested

Please consider a review by the XMPP directorate.

Intellectual Property

No issues

Other Issues

There are a bunch of outdated references in the nits but those are
easy to deal with before publication. 

There is one normative reference to an informative RFC (RFC4949).

Both of these issues can be handled in the IESG queue.