Shepherd writeup

Publication has been requested for draft-ise-iana-policy as an
Informational RFC in the Independent Submissions Stream.

This document describes how the Independent Submissions Editor will 
handle documents that request IANA action. In general it serves to set
expectations that only a few limited cases will be allowed. It is the ISE's
intention that this document, once published as an RFC, be linked to 
from the relevant RFC Editor web page.

The document itself makes no requests for IANA action.

The document has been sent for review to five groups or individuals:
- The RFC Stream Editor who provided impetus for this work
- The IANA who gave a useful response via Michelle Cotton
- The ISEB who were generous with their opinions and advice
- The IRTF chair who gave review comments
- The IETF community who were (surprisingly) helpful with comments on
  the main mailing list.

The current revision contains updates that reflect these comments.

While this document is presented  here for 5742 Conflict Review, the ISE
would be very grateful for any thoughts or comments that the IESG has on
the content of the document.