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Shepherd writeup

Shepherd Writeup for draft-kivinen-ipsecme-ikev2-rfc5996bis-02

1. Summary

Paul Hoffman (IPsecME WG co-chair) is the document shepherd and Kathleen
Moriarty is the responsible AD.

This document replaces and updates RFC 5996 (IKEv2), and includes all of the
errata for it, and it is intended to update IKEv2 to be Internet Standard. It
was meant to be part of an effort to move IKEv2 to Full Standard, but that
effort flagged; still, the draft has useful clarifications.

2. Review and Consensus

The WG discussion of the document was scant, but with enough review to make it
acceptable. There were no objections to adoption.

3. Intellectual Property

The authors of RFC 5996 were already under the IPR rules.

4. Other Points

There is one necessary normative downref. RFC 3447 is for PKCS#1, which is
required for implementation of IKEv2. This was allowed for RFC 5996 (and
others), and should be put on the allowed-downrefs list.

There are no new IANA registries because it is all clarifications.