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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-smyshlyaev-gost-usage-17

  "The purpose of this document is to make the specifications of the
   cryptographic algorithms defined by the Russian national standards
   GOST R 34.10-2012 and GOST R 34.11-2012 available to the Internet
   community for their implementation in the cryptographic protocols
   based on the accompanying algorithms.

   These specifications define the pseudorandom functions, the key
   agreement algorithm based on the Diffie-Hellman algorithm and a hash
   function, the parameters of elliptic curves, the key derivation
   functions and the key export functions."

This draft was reviewed for me by Russ Housley, Dmitry Khovratovich
and Oleksandr Kazymyrov; its authors has made many changes in response 
to that feedback.

This draft has no IANA Considerations.

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