Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-tcs-coap-no-response-option-17

  "There can be M2M scenarios where responses from a server against
   requests from client are redundant. This kind of open-loop exchange
   (with no response path from the server to the client) may be desired
   to minimize resource consumption in constrained systems while
   updating a bulk of resources simultaneously, or updating a resource
   with a very high frequency. CoAP already provides Non-confirmable
   (NON) messages that are not acknowledged by the recipient. However,
   the request/response semantics still require the server to respond
   with a status code indicating "the result of the attempt to
   understand and satisfy the request".

   This specification introduces a CoAP option called 'No-Response'.
   Using this option the client can explicitly express to the server
   its disinterest in all responses against the particular request.
   This option also provides granular control to enable expression of
   disinterest to a particular class of response or a combination of
   response-classes. The server MAY decide to suppress the response by
   not transmitting it back to the client according to the value of No-
   Response option in the request. This option may be effective for
   both unicast and multicast requests. This document also discusses a
   few exemplary applications which benefit from this option."

It was reviewed for me by Matthias Kovatsch and Esko Dijk,
its author has made the changes discussed between them.

This draft has IANA Considerations: it asks for a number change for
this option in the CoAP Option Numbers Registry.  I have asked IANA
to review this change.

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