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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-warden-appsawg-vnc-scheme-08.txt

  "Virtual Network Computing (VNC) software provides remote desktop
   functionality.  This document describes a Uniform Resource
   Identifier (URI) scheme enabling the launch of VNC clients from
   other applications.  The scheme specifies parameters useful in
   securely connecting clients with remote hosts."

This draft was discussed in the Apps Area, in the [apps-discuss] and
[uri-review] lists, "one of the Apps ADs suggested it be published as
an independent submission."

It was reviewed for me by John Levine and Murray Kucherwary.
The draft requests codepoints in the Mime Types registry; IANA
have asked that registry's expert to review it.
Its authors have made many changes in response to all of the reviewer's

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