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ISE Stream States for Internet-Drafts

State Description
Replaced Replaced
Submission Received The draft has been sent to the ISE with a request for publication.
Finding Reviewers The ISE is finding initial reviewers for the document.
In ISE Review The ISE is actively working on the document.
Response to Review Needed One or more reviews have been sent to the author, and the ISE is awaiting response.
In IESG Review The ISE has asked the IESG to do a review of the document, as described in RFC5742.
Sent to the RFC Editor The ISE processing of this document is complete and it has been sent to the RFC Editor for publication. The document may be in the RFC Editor's queue, or it may have been published as an RFC; this state doesn't distinguish between different states occurring after the document has left the ISE.
Published RFC The document has been published as an RFC.
No Longer In Independent Submission Stream This document was actively considered in the Independent Submission stream, but the ISE chose not to publish it. It is possible that the document might be revived later. A document in this state may have a comment explaining the reasoning of the ISE (such as if the document was going to move to a different stream).
Document on Hold Based On IESG Request The IESG has requested that the document be held pending further review, as specified in RFC 5742, and the ISE has agreed to such a hold.


Tag Description
IESG Review Completed
Waiting for Dependency on Other Document
Awaiting Reviews
Revised I-D Needed An updated I-D is needed to address the issues that have been raised.