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Minutes IETF113: bess

Meeting Minutes BGP Enabled ServiceS (bess) WG
Title Minutes IETF113: bess
State Active
Other versions plain text
Last updated 2022-04-06

Working Group Status

*RFC published - RFC 9161
*draft-ietf-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy close to be in RFC queue
*draft-ietf-bess-evpn-unequal-lb , draft sent to IDR chair for review few
months back. We need to make sure to get agreement from IDR chair.
*draft-ietf-bess-evpn-fxc review comment provided *missing IPR reply for
evpn-fast-df-recovery *evpn-mh-split-horizon need IPR reply. and some of the
comment need to be addressed before moving forward. * bgp-multicast-controller
, there is some overlap with P2MP IDR work. so there is need to work with IDR
chair and finalize our stand. * evpn-geneve waiting for authors to update the
draft * evpn-bfd , we waiting for draft refresh before sending draft to BFD WG

Sami - evpn-geneve comments updated.
Stephane - will check if all comments have been addressed. you can check the
comments if everything got covered. Matthew - I think there is dependency issue
as well. we need more review .

Jorge - evpn ip vpn draft going to be expired soon, we need to make some
changes and update. is there any date for discussion with IDR chair. Stephane -
discussion already in progress. there were some comments from IDR chair. Jorge
- Yes, we did get some email and replied. Keyur Patel - As IDR chair, we will
take care of it and take with chairs for review.

 - need feedback from working group.
Himanshu : is this service gateway based on VPWS L2vpn PW circuits.
Jorge : Yes
Himanshu : it was not allowed in past where you define inter working. there
were push back from WG. Jorge: Question is not clear to me. Himanshu : may be
change the name of draft, service interworking were having issue in past in
IETF Jorge: so service interworking means something else, then we can change
the terminology. Stephene :  we already have service interworking, so not sure
there is some issue. Matthew : its end to end EVPN . so there is no much
service interworking Loa : are we calling for adoption , if yes then we need to
hold of to that idea. Jorge: name changed very last min, and it was not updated
to chair. not looking for adoption right now.

Jeffery Haas: RD rewrites have issue.
Jorge:  we recommend RD rewrites. We can take discussion to list.

ready for adoption

ready for adoption

Jorge: you are requesting code point 2 for DF algorithm . this is already being
used. it would be good to remove it from draft.
       otherway to do it would be base 7432 which provides such mechanism and
       defines default gateway extended community. on 7432 its used for IRB and
       here its different. only difference with your use case that its not IRB
       rather its something attached to it. will discuss more in mailing list.
Saumya - Ok

Linda: why you need protocol between firewalls.
Saumya : Essentially there is one firewall, but we do not want to force it same
credential for both firewalls.

 - looking for more comments and discussion

- test going well across multiple vendors. test does not have any issue yet

 - draft ready for WG adoption
 - Linda : are all domain as single domain.
 - Keyur - they are different domain.
   Linda- address used are different. how do merge different address space.
   Keyur- this is just framework and will forward more detail in WG which
   provides more detail.
        - is this SRV6 specific ?
   Keyur - It starts with with SRv6, but its not specific to SRV6
   Wen - What is goal of draft. are we modifying 3gpp
   Keyur - we are not making any modification in 3gpp.
   Wen - you are not replaying GTP signaling
   Keyur - this define BGP as fabric .
   Gyan - was there any gap analysis done for 3GPP
   Keyur - motivation part did mention that there is no BGP based fabric. goal
   is to build BGP as fabric.

 seeking working group comment on this work.

draft-wang-bess-mvpn-upstream-df-selection                Heng Wang          
10 min
 - need more comment
 - if there is any question please provide comment in list.
draft-thubert-bess-secure-evpn-mac-signaling              Pascal Thubert     
10 min
 - ready for adoption

If time permits :