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Meeting Minutes Software Updates for Internet of Things (suit) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-suit-03: Wed 16:00
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Meeting Minutes

SUIT Virtual Interim at 1600 CEST on 6 June 2018

   Scribes: Hannes Tschofenig, Koen Zandberg, and Michael Richardson
   Chairs: David Waltermire, Dave Thaler, and Russ Housley 

- Agenda bashing, Logistics, Status, Milestones -- Chairs (5 mins)
- Moving forward on draft-housley-suit-cose-hash-sig-00  -- Chairs (5 mins)
- Hackathon Report -- Emmanuel (15 mins)
- Suit Architecture --  Authors (15 mins)
- Suit Information Model -- Authors (15 mins)
- Next Steps -- Chairs (5 mins)

- Emmanuel Baccelli (EB)
- Henk Birkholz
- Carsten Bormann (CB)
- Said Gharout
- Markus Gueller (MG)
- Ralph Hamm
- Russ Housley (RH)
- Benjamin Kaduk
- Paul Lambert
- Brendan Moran (BM)
- Steve Patrick (SP)
- Michael Richardson (MR)
- Milen Stoychev
- Dave Thaler (DT)
- Hannes Tschofenig
- Fabio Utzig
- Dave Waltermire (DW)
- Koen Zandberg
- Jan-Frederik Rieckers

- Moving forward on draft-housley-suit-cose-hash-sig-00
  -- DW: The draft provides a generalized approach, should this work be
         done in COSE or SUIT?  
  -- RH: COSE has been closed.
  -- DT: Is there any other WG to do this work? Or, should it be
  -- RH: It is really not a complicated document; it just uses data
         structures from COSE and assigning numbers.
  -- DT: It is a generalized approach; it could be used by anyone.
  -- RH: Yes, anyone who needs a hash-based digital signature.
  -- CB: SUIT is the right WG, but others could di it too.  The sweet
         spot is where there are few signatures over a long period of
         time.  Other WGs need many signatures over a short period of
  -- MR: 6tisch zerotouch enrollment does few signatures over a long
         period of time (with a shelf-life of decades before use).
  -- DT and DW will discuss the appropriate WG to do the work with the
     Security Area Directors.
  -- CB and MR volunteered to review the draft.
  -- Jim Schaad also agreed to review the draft, but he cannot be here.

- Hackathon report
  -- Hackathon hosted by Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin
  -- See https://pad.inria.fr/p/cYawtv2ivnoOl60X_suit-hackathon 
  -- EB: About 20 participants, with 6-7 of them offsite.  SUIT
         compliant firmware updates were tested.
  -- EB: The RIOT group had a implementation compliant with the
         specification and a stand-alone cose implementation.
         Successful end-to-end tests. Tested on samr21 (cortex-m0+)
         and stm32 (cortex-m3)
  -- EB: MBed OS used the K64F, libcose, and Mbed TLS. Some key issues
         caused problems; raw key handling was not as was expected.
  -- MG: CDDL specification for a minimalistic COSE sign. Used CDDL tool
         to generate several instances.
  -- DT: Did you learn anything related to the specifications at the
  -- BM: Noted that component identifiers may need to be added and
         firmware versions for dependencies. 
  -- BM: There was a larger discussion on the information model in the
         room, which will require an update to the draft.

- Suit Architecture
  -- HT: The terminology/operating models are described in a message:
  -- HT: The Client-Initiated/Server-Initiated/Hybrid taxonomy does not
         cover the situation where the manifest and images are delivered
         on a USB key.
  -- EB: The number of actors involved in the architecture is not clear
         at the beginning of the document. 
  -- HT: The document will be updated once the discussions related to
         the proposed terminology and operating models have been
         concluded. A new architecture diagram will added earlier in
         the document. 

- Suit Information Model
  -- BM: The information model draft was discussed during the Hackathon
         as part of the implementation work. Discussed items included:
           * changing the manifest fields to manifest elements 
           * Adding a firmware version to the Precursor image digest
             condition (or instead of it)
           * class identifier
           * user stories require some examples and directives 
           * clarified the directives, which apply to the whole manifest,
             as opposed to processing steps that only apply to specific
           * OEM rights vs. operator rights in terms of the ability to
             override certain fields of the manifest (such as the URIs)
           * Wording changes to IP protection use case to talk about
             avoiding disclosure
           * Documenting OEM vs. manifacturer relationships
  -- SP: I will provide comments for the information model draft.  I am
         wondering whether the specification aims to also support a more
         centralized model or only a distributed model.
  -- HT: A centralized model is also supported.
  -- SP: I will post a mail to the list about this topic, and we can
         discuss it in more detail on the list since we are running out
         of time. 

- DM and DT to talk to the Security Area Directors about the best place
  for work to proceed on draft-housley-suit-cose-hash-sig.
- HT to provide wording improvement for draft-ietf-suit-architecture, and
  then post an updated draft.
- BM to update the Introduction of draft-ietf-suit-information-model, add
  fields found in hackathon (component ID, versions dependencies for the
  firmware), and clarifications about what fields are mandatory.
- SP to send a review of draft-ietf-suit-information-model to the list.
- MR to send a review of draft-housley-suit-cose-hash-sig to the list.
- CB to send a review of draft-housley-suit-cose-hash-sig to the list.


A design team meeting to continue the discussion on architecture and
information model documents planned on Thursday, 15 June 2018 at
13:30 CEST on jitsi.tools.ietf.org/suit-dt.  Details will be announced
on the SUIT WG mail list.