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Minutes interim-2021-emodir-01: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes Education, Mentoring and Outreach Directorate (emodir) Directorate
Date and time 2021-11-30 16:00
Title Minutes interim-2021-emodir-01: Tue 16:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-02-10

   WG Chair Forum meeting - 2021 Nov 30

   Karen O'Donoghue and Rich Salz


   -- Administrative and Agenda bash
   -- Report on recent WG Chairs training
   -- Update on WG Chairs site (
   -- Update on emodir status and activities
   -- Open discussion

   Karen presented Note Well, Reminder of Code of Coduct.

   Meeting is being recorded in Zoom. Zoom is being used for a more social

   Agenda bashing - none

   IETF Chairs Training Summary
   Presenter: Greg Wood
   Program took 8 weeks, 40 people participated.
   Interaction among participants was valued. - where the videos are posted, what we might cover next.
   Would like more participation. Don't have to be a current chair to

   Karen - What training should we do next? What artifacts are helpful?

   Barry - I was there as an observer, but I learned a lot, appreciated the

   Karen - there's a critical mass when the conversation is useful.

   Barry - 12-15 participants is a good number for discussion.

   Karen - 5-10 people per section on average. Good for conversations, but
   need more participates.

   Mahesh - How many chairs are there?

   Barry - last I counted 200-250 people, but I haven't counted recently.

   Karen - two sets of problems - people are not aware of things going on.
   Others who saw it but chose not to sign up.

   Greg - we asked ADs to contact chairs directly. This can be more
   effective. Addressing the issue of "too busy" is to have the material on
   demand, but it doesn't provide the value that the discussions brought.
   Maybe we could do a hybrid model to discuss.

   Barry - the discussion is the critical part. Interesting survey
   questions - for those that attended but not all the sessions - why? For
   those who didn't attend at all - why?

   Karen - scientists and engineers tend not to run to the front to the
   queue to sign up for these.

   Rich - I took the course and it was really good. We got 1/3 to sign up
   and 1/3 of those to attend. Bron has posted feedback on the chairs list.

   Greg - we'll be planning for training in 2022. More suggestions welcome.
   Check out the materials on

   Karen - please look and provide suggestions. We have budget for training.

   Daniel - Perhaps we could subscribe to a calendar for these events?

   Karen - that's worth investigating further. We have the datatracker
   upcoming meetings calendar. If you signed up, you received a calendar
   invitation. We now have datatracker set up for emodir.

   Presenter: Greg Wood

   Set up for holding the training materials. Could hold more. It's beta
   format. Idea is to organize around common chair tasks. Incorporates
   content from;!!GjvTz_vk!FZjmrTnwWwWNFGnyjzOhSNPBNCmtzU85sJQT9-t4PIhJst3gbRs9Tily4ZXq$
    but doesn't incorporate chairs wiki info because the wiki is not been
   updated often.

   David - I suggest that you organize the website twice - task-based and
   also content organization.

   Greg - would an effective search help?

   David - yes plus sitemap

   Karen - what are the future plans for the wiki? We've talked about
   reducing duplication of information.

   Greg - it's in progress. We're moving away from the trac platform. There
   would be tuned set of content for new chairs.

   Reese - Are you also planning to deduplicate information with;!!GjvTz_vk!FZjmrTnwWwWNFGnyjzOhSNPBNCmtzU85sJQT9-t4PIhJst3gbRs9TmcV3y9l$
    ? I found that site helpful as a new chair to get oriented last year

   Karen - I like the term "deduplicate". There is also
   Is that still under development?

   Greg - yes, it's aimed at people authoring I-Ds. Please send feedback to
   the chairs mailing list.

   Update on emodir
   Presenter: Karen O'Donoghue

   We have an education, mentoring, and outreach directorate. Links:

   It's organized around audiences - potential and new IETF participants,
   current IETF participants, and IETF leadership.

   We're focused on bringing new participants in rather than explaining
   IETF to other bodies.

   newcomers activities at 111 - prerecording videos, escape room, coffee
   breaks, mentoring. Hard to do virtually. 12 mentoring matches in 111. 6
   matches in 112. How do we get an adequate number of mentors? How to make
   the program year round rather than meeting focuses. Hard to measure how
   effective this is in bringing newcomers in.

   next steps for emodir - identifying the small set of projects that we
   will work on in the near term.  Soliciting ideas and participation from
   the chairs. How can the WG Chairs forum be used to foster participation
   and discussion?

   Open mic

   Harald - thank you for bringing us together.

   Rich - does meeting after the meeting, an interim, work? or should we
   find time during the meeting?

   David - This is more convenient for virtual sessions, lunchtime is
   better during in-person meeting weeks.

   Jeffrey - I prefer not stacking everything in conference week, but also
   recognize that conference week enables calendar availability

   Karen - during the meeting, it would either be a side meeting or a
   session slot.

   Daniel - it's better to have a short session.

   Karen - this is an experiment to do 2 sessions to be fairer to everybody.

   Karen - how are your WGs going? Anyone want to discuss?

   Rich - how many people think we'll meet in March?

   Karen - I think eve