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Minutes interim-2023-asdf-03: Wed 15:40

Meeting Minutes A Semantic Definition Format for Data and Interactions of Things (asdf) WG
Date and time 2023-09-27 15:40
Title Minutes interim-2023-asdf-03: Wed 15:40
State Active
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Last updated 2023-09-27


ASDF - AGENDA for September 27th 2023 virtual interim meeting
Meeting: ASDF WG, 1540-1640 UTC, September 27, 2023
(Right after "CORE" WG)


Chairs: Michael Richardson and Niklas Widell


These notes at:


Note Well

Logistics for Meeting

Michael taking notes.

WG status update and planning (Chairs - 5 min)

WGLC started in early September (4th). Until 2023-09-20.
. o O ( all in Carsten's slides )

WGLC comments on SDF, preparation for sectoral review, shepherd write up

revision -15 was WGLC
received review by Christer Holmberg (very detailed review)
took perspective of new reader: found quite a few things.


Issues are in github repository:

get -16 done by monday oct. 2.
Ask for external reviews by Oct. 12.
We then get until Oct.23 (ID-cutoff) to finish, but get it in a few days
earlier than that (2023-10-19).
MK: Going to reach out to tap the OneDM community, who have not kept up.


Any other business?
proposed to have another virtual interim for Oct.25, at 9am Pacific
(1600 UTC)

Discuss our plans for the following non-WG documents:

(all are listed on asdf document list now)


  • Instances
  • Protocol Bindings vs. Mapping Files

we will have rechartering discussion with AD at IETF118.

AK: for ecosystems that want to register quality name prefixes, they
have to do this with an RFC? (e.g.: OMA: ). There is a registry
("Quality Name Prefixes", Expert Review), and some additional