NTP PICS PROFORMA - For the Network Time Protocol Version 3
RFC 1708

Document Type RFC - Informational (October 1994; No errata)
Author Dan Gowin
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group:                                          D. Gowin
Request for Comments: 1708                                   Vitro Corp.
Category: Informational                                     October 1994

                           NTP PICS PROFORMA
                For the Network Time Protocol Version 3

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   This RFC describes a PICS Proforma translated into an Internet
   acceptable form.  The Original document was developed according to
   ISO 9646 for conformance test purposes.  This document is intended
   for both developers and users of the NTP (Network Time Protocol).
   This document contains specific information and performance
   characteristics for the use of NTP within the context of Internet
   usage.  It is suggested, that users wishing to use the
   synchronization capabilities of the Internet abide by the
   characteristics set within this document.

   For more information please contact Dr. David Mills at Mills@udel.edu
   or review RFC 1305 for more information.


   To evaluate conformance of a particular implementation, it is
   necessary to have a statement of the capabilities and options that
   have been implemented for a given protocol.  Such a statement is
   called a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS).


   This document provides the PICS proforma for the Network Time
   Protocol (NTP) in compliance with the relevant requirements, and in
   accordance with the relevant guidance, given in ISO/IEC 9646-2.


     ISO/IEC 9646-1 1990, Information technology - Open systems
                    interconnection - Conformance testing
                    methodology and framework - Part 1: General

Gowin                                                           [Page 1]
RFC 1708                   NTP PICS Proforma                October 1994

     ISO/IEC 9646-2 1990, Information technology - Open systems
                    interconnection - Conformance testing
                    methodology and framework - Part 2: Abstract
                    test suite specification.

     RFC 1305       Network Time Protocol (Version 3) -
                    Specification, Implementation and Analysis -
                    David L. Mills, University of Delaware -
                    March 1992.


   This document uses the following terms defined in ISO/IEC 9646-1:

     a) PICS proforma;

     b) Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS);

     c) Static conformance review.


   The additional symbols have been identified for use in this document:

          m    Mandatory field/function

          o.#  Optional field/function

          c#   Conditional field/function

          #    Refers to a note # below the table

          x    Prohibited use

          n/a  Not applicable

          Y[]  Indicates the item is implemented

          N[]  Indicates the item is not implemented


   The supplier of a protocol implementation which is claimed to conform
   to NTP version 3 is required to complete a copy of the PICS proforma
   provided in this document and is required to provide the information
   necessary to identify both the supplier and the implementation.

Gowin                                                           [Page 2]
RFC 1708                   NTP PICS Proforma                October 1994


   Copyright release for PICS proforma.  Users of this RFC may freely
   reproduce the PICS proforma in this document so that it can be used
   for its intended purpose and may further publish the completed PICS.


   |           SUPPLIER                    |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |      CONTACT POINT FOR                |                       |
   |    QUERIES ABOUT THE PICS             |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |     IMPLEMENTATION NAME               |                       |
   |          AND VERSION                  |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |                                       |                       |
   |      OTHER INFORMATION                |                       |
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