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References to rfc8370

These dependencies are extracted using heuristics looking for strings with particular prefixes. Notably, this means that references to I-Ds by title only are not reflected here. If it's really important, please inspect the documents' references sections directly.

Showing RFCs and active Internet-Drafts, sorted by reference type, then document name.

Document Title Status Type Downref
draft-gao-mpls-teas-rsvpte-state-update State-updating mechanism in RSVP-TE for MPLS network
References Referenced by
normatively references
draft-ietf-mpls-ri-rsvp-frr Refresh-interval Independent FRR Facility Protection
References Referenced by
Proposed Standard normatively references
draft-ietf-dmm-tn-aware-mobility Mobility aware Transport Network Slicing for 5G
References Referenced by
informatively references
draft-ietf-teas-enhanced-vpn A Framework for Enhanced Virtual Private Network (VPN+)
References Referenced by
Informational informatively references
RFC 8577 Signaling RSVP-TE Tunnels on a Shared MPLS Forwarding Plane
References Referenced by
Proposed Standard informatively references