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IAB to RIPE NCC:ENUM Administration, 22 January 2004

Document Type IAB Statement
Title IAB to RIPE NCC:ENUM Administration, 22 January 2004
Published 2004-01-22
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IAB Correspondence – ENUM administration

Subject: IAB-response: Regarding delegation of sub-country-codes in ENUM
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004
From: Patrik Fältström (IAB)
To: Axel Pawlik (RIPE), Carsten Schiefner (RIPE)
CC: Internet Architecture Board

Real requests (and therefore delegations from can only be on E.164 country codes. i.e. +1, +7 etc.

This will not stop people from requesting +74, +1208 etc.

A request for +1208 (as one example) should be filed as +1208 on, which will say ‘reject’, as it is not a country code.

If the administrator for +1 (North American Numbering Plan) wishes to delegate +1208 from RIPE NCC as administrator, then first +1 delegation has to be approved. Whether that is to be delegated to RIPE NCC or some other entity is up to the administrator of +1.

So, RIPE NCC can, if they are duly delegated, host the DNS zone for, but whether RIPE NCC want to take on that job (or not) is a decision RIPE NCC has to make, in consultation with the NANP administration.

[The operational arrangement between the IAB and RIPE NCC regarding the administration of the domain does not preclude the RIPE NCC entering into arrangements to administer delegated zones of this domain, as long as all the documented procedures regarding the delegation are duly followed.]

The formal zone delegation, from an IAB perspective, is from to

Patrik Fältström, for the IAB