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IAB to ICANN:Concerns regarding IANA Report, 27 May, 2004

Document Type IAB Statement
Title IAB to ICANN:Concerns regarding IANA Report, 27 May, 2004
Published 2004-05-27
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Subject: IAB/IETF monitoring of IANA protocol assignments 
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:52:20 -0400 
From: Leslie Daigle, IAB 
To: Vint Cerf, Chair, ICANN Board, Paul Twomey, CEO, ICANN 
CC: Doug Barton, General Manager, IANA, John Klensin, IAB Liaison to the ICANN Board

Vint, Paul,

I would like to draw your attention to some recent activities of the IAB/IETF pertaining to the IANA function.

As of 2 months ago, the IAB has undertaken to produce a monthly snapshot of the “IETF perspective” on the state of the IANA activities queue. By “IETF perspective”, I mean that it is acknowledged to be compiled with data as seen from our external perspective, pertaining specifically to the IETF documents requiring actions. (i.e., we have no information on the set of requests for established IANA protocol registries that do not require document actions).

The current month’s report can be viewed at:

Following up on the publication of the first month’s report, I had the opportunity to have some constructive discussions with Doug Barton and Steve Conte re. the strengths and omissions of this report. I am hopeful those discussions will form the basis for the IANA to provide its own tracking information as it moves forward with the workflow project that Doug has outlined to the IAB/IETF in the past.

One thing that is not highlighted in the public report, but which we have discussed with Doug and IANA staff, is that we have been quite concerned with the delays and protracted response times in IANA protocol parameter assignments. It is important to us that the IANA staff successfully deal with the backlog of assignment requests that has accrued over the past year. It is also important to us that we (IETF and IANA) have agreed-upon, objective processing metrics upon which we base a dialog about reasonable expectations for response times in handling assignment requests.

For those 2 reasons, the IAB started compiling and publishing these statistics. We will be monitoring them with the expectation of seeing improved performance (backlog clearing) in the coming months. And, we will be using them as input to the discussion of “IETF cross-organization document flow” that is part of the Administrative Restructuring project that we announced yesterday:

When we’ve engaged the appropriate consultant, he or she will be in touch with Doug and crew to continue the substance of the workflow discussions. I will keep you apprised of any ongoing IETF concerns.

Best regards,