Reclassification of Suite B Documents to Historic Status

Document Status change Reclassification of Suite B Documents to Historic Status
Last updated 2018-05-29
Moves to Historic RFC6460, RFC6380, RFC4869, RFC6239, RFC5008, RFC6379, RFC6403, RFC6318, RFC5430, RFC5759
State Approved - announcement sent
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Shepherding AD Eric Rescorla
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      Several RFCs profile security protocols for use with the National
   Security Agency (NSA) Suite B Cryptography.  Suite B is no longer
   supported by NSA, and the web pages that specify the cryptographic
   algorithms are no longer available.

   In July 2015, NSA published the Committee for National Security
   Systems Advisory Memorandum 02-15 as the first step in replacing
   Suite B with NSA's Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA)
   Suite.  Information about the CNSA Suite can be found in [CNSA].

draft-housley-suite-b-to-historic-02 [TODO: change to RFC #] documents the full
rationale for this change.