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Status update for WG

IETF 103 Status Report

The EMU WG met on Monday (November 5) between 16:10 - 18:10.

Updates to the following two working group documents were presented:

1. EAP-TLS with TLS 1.3 - draft-ietf-emu-eap-tls13-02

2. Improvements to EAP-AKA' (RFC5448bis) - draft-ietf-emu-rfc5448bis-03 .

There was consensus in the room to issue WGLC for 

We also discussed PFS enhancements to EAP-AKA' and problems in using 
large certificates with EAP-TLS. There was consensus in the room to 
adopt the work on PFS enhancements to EAP-AKA'.

Lastly, we also had presentations on two non-chartered items: EAP-NOOB, 
and BRSKI with TEAP.