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Concluded Program IAB IP Evolution Program (iabipevolprogram)

Note: The data for concluded Programs is occasionally incorrect.

Program Name IAB IP Evolution Program
Acronym iabipevolprogram
State Concluded
Document dependencies

Final Group description

NOTE: Work in the IP Evolution Program was split into the IP Stack Evolution Program and the Name Resolution Program in June 2014.


The IP Evolution program covers various topics in the evolution of IPv4 and IPv6 and the overall protocol stack architecture. The program typically addresses challenges that affect the IP model in some way and where the IETF community has asked for guidance. As an example, the program has produced a document on the evolution of the IP model, and provided guidance on the controversial topic of Network Address Translation (NAT) technology in IPv6.

The program does not necessarily take upon itself to address all such issues, however. The program only works on topics where an impact is likely and the program members have the time and expertise to carry out the task. Members outside the IAB are very welcome for helping with some topics, however.

The program is currently focused on the following topics:

  • Power and cost: Changing requirements on energy efficiency
  • Smart objects: Architectural implications of smart object networking
  • Implications of firewalls, middleboxes, and the observed trend of functionality moving towards the upper layers of the protocol stack


  • IAB Thoughts on IPv6 Network Address Translation (RFC 5902)
  • Evolution of the IP Model (RFC 6250)
  • Smart Objects Workshop Report (RFC 6574)
  • Architectural Considerations of IP Anycast (RFC 7094)