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2019-11-04 Bernie Volz
Reviewers changed to Basavaraj Patil, Bernie Volz, Bob Halley, Brian Haberman, Carlos Bernardos, Carlos Pignataro, Charles Perkins, Dave Thaler, David Lamparter, Donald Eastlake, Hui Deng ...
2019-03-27 Amy Vezza Shepherding AD changed to <b>Éric Vyncke</b> from Terry Manderson
2018-03-27 Amy Vezza Urls changed to <b></b> from <a href=""></a>
2018-03-26 Bernie Volz
Reviewers changed to Basavaraj Patil, Brian Haberman, Charles Perkins, Carlos Bernardos, Carlos Pignataro, Donald Eastlake, DENG Hui, Dave Thaler, David Lamparter, Joe Abley, Jean-Michel Combes ...
2016-11-30 Bernie Volz Urls changed to <b><a href=""></a></b> from
2016-11-30 Bernie Volz Shepherding AD changed to <b>Terry Manderson</b> from Brian Haberman, Terry Manderson
2016-11-30 Bernie Volz Secretaries changed to <b>Carlos Bernardos, Bernie Volz</b> from Bernie Volz, Christopher Liljenstolpe, Tero Kivinen, Carlos Bernardos
2014-10-21 Amy Vezza Info Changed
2014-10-21 Amy Vezza Started group