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Status update for WG ipsecme at IETF-112

Publication has been requested for Intermediate draft. Base IPTFS draft had long discussion during the IETF 112 WG session and the final issues on it was resolved, so now the IPTFS drafts (base, yang and mib) should be ready for publication. Multiple Key Exchanges draft should also be ready for publication. Labeled IPsec and Deprecation of IKEv1 and obsoleted algorithms drafts are past WGLC and are getting ready for publication soon. 

Group Key Management using IKEv2 did not get any reviews yet, but is now in the WGLC to get more reviews. RFC8229bis has been adopted as working group draft, but there has not been that much discussion about it yet. IKEv2 configuration for Encrypted DNS and Announcing Supported Authentication Methods in IKEv2 drafts are now in the progress of being adopted to the WG. 

There has not been that much happening with other new work, like Optional SA & TS Payload in Child Exchange. modifying the base IKEv2 payload format, both to make it more compact for constrained devices, and allow it to go over 64kB payload limit.