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Concluded WG JSON Path (jsonpath)

WG Name JSON Path
Acronym jsonpath
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Dormant
Charter charter-ietf-jsonpath-01 Approved
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Additional resources GitHub Organization
Zulip stream
Personnel Chairs James Gruessing, Tim Bray
Area Director Francesca Palombini
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Charter for Working Group

JSONPath is a syntax, originally based on the XML "XPath" design,
which selects fields and values from a JSON document. It is
used in a variety of applications which rely on JSON message

JSONPath was originally described by Stefan Goessner [1] but has
never had an official specification of any kind, and the 39+
implementations, while mostly compatible, differ in certain

Note that while JSON Pointer (RFC 6901) is already standardised, it is
designed to provide a reference to a single, specific part of a JSON
document, whereas JSONPath provides the ability to query a document
and potentially return multiple values.

The WG will develop a standards-track JSONPath specification that
is technically sound and complete, based on the common semantics
and other aspects of existing implementations. Where there are
differences, the working group will analyze those differences and
make choices that rough consensus considers technically best, with
an aim toward minimizing disruption among the different JSONPath

Possible input documents are:


Done milestones

Date Milestone Associated documents
Done Standards Track document defining JSON Path to the IESG draft-ietf-jsonpath-base
Done Submit "iregexp" specification to the IESG draft-ietf-jsonpath-iregexp