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RFC Series Approval Board (rsab)

Editorial Stream Approval Group Name RFC Series Approval Board
Acronym rsab
State Active
Personnel Ex Officio Members Jay Daley, Sandy Ginoza
Chair Mirja Kühlewind
Delegate Cindy Morgan
Members Alexis Rossi
Colin Perkins
Eliot Lear
Lars Eggert
Mirja Kühlewind
Mailing list Address
Chat Room address

Group description

The RFC Series Approval Board (RSAB), which includes representatives of all of the streams, shall act as the approving body for proposals generated within the RFC Series Working Group (RSWG), thus providing an appropriate set of "checks and balances" on the output of the RSWG. The only policy-making role of the RSAB is to review policy proposals generated by the RSWG; it shall have no independent authority to formulate policy on its own.