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Concluded Directorate Routing Area Yang Co-Ordinators (rtgyangcoord)

Note: The data for concluded Directorates is occasionally incorrect.

Directorate Name Routing Area Yang Co-Ordinators
Acronym rtgyangcoord
Area Routing Area (rtg)
State Concluded
Mailing list Address

Final Group description

A YANG Model Coordination group (a RFC2418 directorate) is created by the IESG to assist the AD and complement the work of the YANG Doctors, Operations and Management Directorate, Routing Area Directorate, and IAB liaison managers. The YANG doctors' responsibility to validate models remains unchanged. The YANG Model Coordination Group reports to the Operations and Management AD that is responsible for the YANG Model work.

The OPS ADs, in collaboration with the Routing ADs (since there is much routing-related YANG modeling work) will select candidates for this YANG Model Coordination Group for a period of one year.

The high level mission is: Help with the development and coordination of the numerous YANG models within the IETF, and the promotion of YANG modeling in the industry.

The initial job description consists of:

Compiling, publishing, and maintaining an inventory of YANG models both produced by the IETF and available at other locations. Evaluating and documenting how the existing YANG models fit together. Example: can the IGP, QoS, and ACL YANG models work together? Documenting and tracking open issues (especially the issues crossing drafts, WGs, and areas) including issues of interaction and overlap of YANG models. Generating and leading the discussions on the resolution of the open issues, in collaboration with the authors, WGs, WG chairs, YANG doctors, rtg-yang-coord mailing list, and the appropriate ADs Participating in YANG model related design teams, as needed, to assist in the coordination as well as technical work. Assisting with the coordination of design teams working to produce YANG models that describe and enable the provisioning and management of services. Documenting and tracking functionality missing from YANG models including entire missing models. Documenting YANG issues arising from YANG models Producing monthly reports for the IETF community and present a summary of progress at each IETF meeting in the OPS-AREA meeting. Close work with the OPS AD on building a community of YANG modelers that will bring YANG work into the IETF as appropriate, and that will enable interactions between IETF YANG models and models produced outside the IETF.

Area Directors: Benoit Claise <>


  • Dean Bogdanovic
  • Carl Moberg
  • Qin Wu
  • Benoit Claise

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