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Status update for WG

 The Source Packet Routing in NetworkinG (SPRING) Working Group is the home of Segment Routing (SR) using MPLS (SR-MPLS) and IPv6 (SRv6).  SPRING WG serves as a forum to discuss SPRING networks operations, define new applications of, and specify extensions of Segment Routing technologies.

The Segment Routing architecture has been recently published as RFC 8402 and SR-MPLS and inter-working between SR-MPLS and LDP-MPLS are in RFC editor queue. (along with draft-ietf-mpls-spring-entropy-label,
draft-ietf-mpls-sr-over-ip, draft-ietf-pce-segment-routing, draft-ietf-ospf-segment-routing-extensions, draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv3-segment-routing-extensions, draft-ietf-isis-segment-routing-extensions, draft-ietf-isis-l2bundlesdraft-ietf-idr-bgp-prefix-sid).
SPRING has been recently re-chartered (2018-10). SPRING is currently working on SR policy routing, which is a framework on how SR components could be bound together and used for implementation of a scalable source based routing mechanism (draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-policy) and SRv6 network programming.

During IETF 105, 4 individual propositions have been submitted proposing the use of shorter SID for the IPv6 data plane, mainly for performance reason on ASICs. This is expected to be hot topics for the next few weeks/months.

Candidate future works items are around management and performance monitoring.

[Last updated 2019-08-01].