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The Tools Team (tools)

Team Name The Tools Team
Acronym tools
Area General Area (gen)
State Active
Additional resources Datatracker wiki
History: Tools development archives
History: Tools implementation archives
IETF Tools Team github organization
Tools Zulip stream
Personnel Chair Robert Sparks
Area Director Lars Eggert
Members Alexey Melnikov
Éric Vyncke
Glen Barney
Henrik Levkowetz
Robert Sparks
Roman Danyliw
Russ Housley
At Large Members Alexa Morris
Alice Russo
Ben Campbell
Bob Hinden
Cindy Morgan
Jari Arkko
Jay Daley
John R. Levine
Julian Reschke
Karen Moreland
Liz Flynn
Rich Salz
Ryan Cross
Sandy Ginoza
Tero Kivinen
Tony Hansen
Mailing list Address
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Group description

The IETF Tools Team members and the team leader are appointed by the General Area Director. The tools team develops tools to support all aspects of the work of the IETF. The team investigates open source tools that can help IETF participants work together more efficiently. When no tools are available, the Tools Team designs, develops, and maintains custom tools. Whenever possible, standards-based solutions are greatly preferred.