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Enke Chen's Statement about IPR related to draft-marques-idr-best-external-01 belonging to Redback Networks, Inc.

Submitted: March 31, 2009 under the rules in RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879

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I. Possible Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

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Holder legal name Redback Networks, Inc.

II. Contact Information for the IETF Participant Whose Personal Belief Triggered this Disclosure

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Name Enke Chen
Email enkechen@cisco.com
Other info

Mail Stop SJC20/2/1
725 Alder Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035
T: 408-526-4815

III. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates

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Internet-Draft: draft-marques-idr-best-external ("Advertisement of the best external route in BGP")
Revisions: 01

IV. Disclosure of Patent Information i.e., patents or patent applications required to be disclosed by RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879

A. For granted patents or published pending patent applications, please provide the following information:

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Patent, Serial, Publication, Registration, or Application/File number(s)

US Patent 7,502,332, Method and apparatus for route oscillation reduction.
Date: March 10, 2009 (Granted)
Country: US

Notes: Initially disclosed in draft-chen-rr-oscillation-reduce-01.txt dated June 2002:

6. Intellectual Property Considerations

Redback Networks, Inc. may seek patent protection on some of the
technology described in this Internet Draft. If technology in this
document is adopted as a standard, Redback Networks agrees to
license, on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, any patent
rights it obtains covering such technology to the extent necessary to
comply with the standard.

B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?:

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Has patent pending No

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