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Corporation for National Research Initiatives's Statement About IPR Claimed in RFC 3650, RFC 3651, and RFC 3652

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Submitted: January 8, 2004

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Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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Robert Kahn
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'III'. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates

RFC3652 ("Handle System Protocol (ver 2.1) Specification")
RFC3650 ("Handle System Overview")
RFC3651 ("Handle System Namespace and Service Definition")

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The Handle System® technology described in the three Informational RFCs
published as 3650, 3651, and 3652 is a component of the Digital Object
Architecture developed by CNRI. This technology provides a means for uniquely
identifying Digital Objects ("DOs") and other network resources, and for
using identifiers, sometimes known as handles, to store and retrieve records containing
state information about the DOs. In addition to this resolution capability,
it provides an administrative mechanism for managing identifiers over time.

While CNRI has one issued patent and is seeking additional patent protection
on the Handle System technology, it is the intention of CNRI to make this
technology available in the public interest. This will be done in such a way
as to maintain the overall integrity of the Handle System and to provide for
its continuing operation and growth.

Specifically, to the extent that the Handle System technology is included in
the Internet, or incorporated in IETF standards implementing this technology,
CNRI agrees to grant, upon written request, permission to implement, use, and
distribute the technology under openly specified, reasonable, and non-discriminatory

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