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Liaison statement
LS on the latest results on the Vehicular Multimedia deliverables from ITU FG-VM

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State Posted
Submitted Date 2021-04-19
From Group ITU-T-FG-VM
From Contact
To Group ipwave
To Contacts Carlos Bernardos <>
Russ Housley <>
Cc Erik Kline <>
Carlos Bernardos <>
IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Discussion List <>
Russ Housley <>
Éric Vyncke <>
Response Contact Leon Wong <>
Purpose For information
Attachments sp16-fg-vm-oLS-00051
We are pleased to inform you about the current status and results of the ITU
Focus Group on Vehicular Multimedia (FG-VM), established by the ITU-T Study
Group 16 in 2018.

The FG-VM had already finalized the first technical report on “Use Cases and
Requirements for Vehicular Multimedia” [Flipbook]. This technical report was
further improved by the parent ITU T Study Group 16, who has approved a new
ITU-T Recommendation "Use cases and requirements for the vehicular multimedia
networks" Rec.ITU-T F.749.3.

In addition, at the recent April 2021 meeting, the FG-VM has finalized its
second Technical Report on “Architecture of Vehicle Multimedia Systems”
[FGVM-O-058]. This second deliverable was also submitted for consideration of
the parent ITU T Study Group 16, which plans to review and endorse it as ITU-T
Recommendation similarly to the first deliverable. The new FG-VM deliverable is
attached to this liaison.

The FG-VM started working on a third deliverable which will cover Vehicular
Multimedia Implementation aspects, under the WG3 leadership. We will keep you
informed and would welcome joint participation and collaboration with your
group as well as participation from individual experts. Next FG-VM plenary
meeting will take place on 29-30 June 2021. A couple of interim meetings of WG3
are planned. See more information on:

–       FG-VM home page:

Please kindly note that all FG-VM documents are accessible, through a free ITU
Account, in our SharePoint site
( (a
free ITU Account is needed in order to access FG-VM documents. Create an
account here if you do not have one. Please select “I AM A NEW USER” and then,
if applicable, select “NON ITU MEMBERS”/ Media and Other Organizations). A
mailing list is also available for self-subscription, please check the FG-VM
home page and/or contact for further information you may need.

Attachment:     1
–       FGVM-O-058 - Technical Report on “Architecture of Vehicle Multimedia
Systems” (Approved on 13 April 2021)