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Liaison statement
Follow Up on SDN SBI YANG models for Service Automation and Plugtest announcement

Additional information about IETF liaison relationships is available on the Internet Architecture Board liaison webpage.
State Posted
Submitted Date 2022-07-14
From Contact Renato Lombardi
To Group ccamp
To Contacts Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Fatai Zhang <>
Cc Fatai Zhang <>
Andrew Alston <>
Daniele Ceccarelli <>
Alvaro Retana <>
Common Control and Measurement Plane Discussion List <>
John Scudder <>
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments liaison-ETSImWT-YANGmodelsandPlugtest-0722
Dear Colleagues,

ETSI ISG mWT would like to thank the IEEE 802.1 working group, for their
response and feedback provided in their liaison statement

ETSI ISG mWT has now progressed further after the publication of its ETSI Group
Report 025 gr_mWT025v010101p and ETSI is currently preparing the fourth mWT
(millimetre Wave Transmission) SDN (Software Defined Network) Plugtest™ event,
which will take place during Q1 2023. The purpose of this 4th mWT Plugtest is
to experimentally establish interoperability in the SBI based on GR025 results.
The scope of the Plugtest is based on NETCONF with the corresponding IETF&IEEE
DMs related to the following use cases:

Use case 1 – Network and services auto-discovery: the application detects the
network elements, their topology and interconnection, and the services already
provisioned: • HW/FW Inventory • Carrier Inventory • Port Inventory • Services
Inventory • Network Discovery.

Use case 2 – E2E L2 Service Provisioning: an E-LINE service is configured E2E,
traversing a chain of different Vendors’ equipment: • C-VLAN support •
S-VLAN/C-VLAN support (for future Plugtest).

The exact data model architecture is currently being refined, but the following
models are considered as a basis: • IETF Hardware Management RFC8348 • IETF
System Management RFC7317 • IETF Radio Link RFC8561 • IETF Interface Management
RFC8343 • IEEE 802-ethernet-interface • IEEE 802-dot1q-bridge • IEEE 802.1 ABcu
• IEEE 802-dot1ab-lldp.

More detailed information about the 4th ETSI mWT Plugtest can be found at the
following url:

ETSI ISG mWT Plugtest participants are currently conducting regular conference
calls discussing, refining the data models corresponding to the selected use
cases, and implementation progress and status by participating vendors that
will be tested during this Plugtest.

2. Actions:
ETSI Plugtests are open to third party organisations and non-ETSI members after
signing ETSI NDA agreement. ETSI ISG mWT would like to invite participants in
both the IEEE802.1 WG and the IETF Common Control and Measurement Plane (ccamp)
to consider participating in this Plugtest. ETSI ISG mWT would also like to
invite both the IEEE802.1 WG and the IETF ccamp group to participate in this
event as partners.

3. Date of next meetings of the originator:
ETSI ISG mWT#23 is currently scheduled from 11 – 13 October 2022.

Renato Lombardi
Chair of ETSI ISG mWT