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Scheduled Sessions

Tuesday 2020-03-31 18:00 IST

We have at least one key participant who can't do any April meeting, hence us not wanting to use the suggested slot. This slot also won in a poll of participants offering March 30,31 and the suggest slot at the end of April.

Remote instructions: Remote participation information will be obtained at the time of approval

Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets

Minutes interim-2020-lake-03: Tue 18:00 (minutes-interim-2020-lake-03-202003311800)
Bluesheets interim-2020-lake-03: Tue 18:00 (bluesheets-interim-2020-lake-03-202003311800)


Chair slides (slides-interim-2020-lake-03-sessa-chair-slides)
Requirements WGLC processing (slides-interim-2020-lake-03-sessa-requirements-wglc-processing)
EDHOC (slides-interim-2020-lake-03-sessa-edhoc)
cTLS (slides-interim-2020-lake-03-sessa-ctls)


Compact TLS 1.3 (draft-rescorla-tls-ctls)
Requirements for a Lightweight AKE for OSCORE (draft-ietf-lake-reqs)
Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman Over COSE (EDHOC) (draft-selander-lake-edhoc)

Unscheduled Sessions