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Under Construction -- Preliminary -- Do Not Use
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IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) Member/IETF Trust Trustee
Questionnaire for the IAOC/IETF Trust position


Please return to no later than October XX, 2018, 23:59 UTC.

This questionnaire is intended to provide the Nominating Committee with
information to help select among nominees for the IAOC

The datatracker tools work best if you submit this in 77-column
pre-wrapped ASCII, a la text/plain.


CONFIDENTIALITY: NOTE that the contents of this questionnaire will remain
absolutely confidential to the nominations committee process.

NOTE that there is a section of this questionnaire labeled
NOT FOR CONFIRMING BODY. In the case of the IAOC, if you are chosen as a
candidate for the position, the confirming body is the IESG. The section
labeled NOT NOR CONFIRMING BODY will not be provided to the IESG during the
confirmation process. You may tell NOMCOM things that you wish not to be
shared with the IESG (if you wish) in the NOT FOR CONFIRMING BODY section.

FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: When multiple questions are asked within a
numbered block, you may wish to provide a single answer that responds to that
range of questions. Point for point responses within numbered blocks are not

Thank you!

Consultants/Contractors, please provide the affiliation(s)
of your primary customer(s)
Home Timezone: (for interview scheduling purposes)
URL for resume/linkedin/etc:


2.1 Please describe your current and past work experience. Please be
concise (a CV, and/or list of recent and relevant accomplishments may
be attached.)

2.2 Areas of particular relevance to the IAOC role include
understanding how the IETF and its culture work, financial acumen and
familiarity with financial terms and concepts (e.g., balance sheets),
management experience, non-profit governance and the ability to
successfully introduce and manage organizational change. Experience
developing, reviewing, or supporting service contracts or RFPs is also

Discuss the skills you possess that will be useful in this role. Some
specific area you might cover include:

- experience with the IETF, e.g., attendance at IETF meetings,
technical contributions, leadership roles (e.g., WG chair, IAB/IESG,

- experience with other standards and non-profit organizations

- experience with the issues handled by the IAOC, e.g., IETF meeting
logistics, financial requirements of the IETF, IETF Trust

- financial expertise and experience

- experience with RFP proposals and selection

- general management and leadership skills, e.g., experience with
contractual matters, planning, management of service contracts, staff
and contractors

- intercultural skills needed to understand and support the IETF's
multi-cultural community

2.3 Intercultural Skills in more detail - Background: People from many
different cultures and backgrounds participate in the IETF. Many use
English as a second language, and the diverse backgrounds mean that
there are numerous sets of norms for public behavior in the IETF. How
should the IETF improve its handling of intercultural matters? Please
provide specific examples of problems you have seen. Additionally,
please describe any skills or experience that you have that you think
are relevant to helping the IETF better handle such issues in the


3. Your views/approach to IAOC and IETF Trust issues

3.1. Please tell us your view of the responsibilities of the IAOC and
its members, and the time commitment necessary to fulfill the role.

3.2. What do you think is going well or poorly in the IAOC in general,
and in terms of its role of meeting the financial and operational needs
of the IETF?

3.3. Given changes in participant funding, travel budgets and other
uncertainties for IETF revenues, what should the IAOC do to ensure
stable IETF financials without damaging IETF productivity and quality?

3.4. Describe the administrative and/or Trust issues you expect the
IAOC to have as primary concerns over the next 3-4 years, and the
actions you believe the IAOC might take to address them.

3.5. Describe your views on the role of the IAOC as Trustee of the
IETF Trust.

3.6. What is your view of the current IASA 2.0 activity, and what
role do you think the IAOC should play in defining IASA 2.0?

3.7 The NOMCOM appointed IAOC member is eligible to be selected by
the IAOC as its chair. What is your view of the IAOC chair's role
and responsibilities? What is your interest and willingness to
serve as chair?

4. Additional Information

If there is additional information you think the committee should have in
order to come to a decision, please add it here.



The answer to the following question will not be shared with the
confirming body (the IESG). This section may include personal identifying

5. Additional Information

Is there any information you wish to share with the Nominating
Committee that you do not wish to have shared with the IESG? This may
include additional details about employment or work time issues. It may
include opinions or comments about individuals on the various bodies
involved in leading the IETF activities. It may include opinions about
the direction of working groups, areas, or leadership bodies. These
comments may also include elaborations on any of your above answers, if
there are further aspects you would like to mention that you do not
want shared with the IESG.