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NomCom 2018-2019: Composition of IETF Nomination Committee
July 6, 2018

NomCom Chair 2018 <>
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July 6, 2018
NomCom 2018-2019: Composition of IETF Nomination Committee
Please welcome NomCom 2018-2019!

The challenge period has ended with no challenges.

I want to express my gratitude to the following individuals who have prioritized this service to the IETF Community.

#    First/Last Name           Affiliation
56   Georgios Karagiannis   Huawei Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH
48   Fernando Gont          UTN/FRH
105  Marc Blanchet          Viagenie
154  Salvatore Loreto       Ericsson
24   Carlos Martinez        LACNIC
175  Tianran Zhou           Beijing Huawei Digital Technologies Co., Ltd.
185  Victor Kuarsingh       Dyn
131  Ole Jacobsen           The Internet Protocol Journal
5    Alia Atlas             Google
37   Dean Bogdanovic        Volta Networks

Details on how we got here are found in the following Announcements:
Nomcom 2018-2019: Result of random selection process (
Nomcom 2018-2019: Update to result of random selection process (


Scott Mansfield
scott dot mansfield at ericsson dot com
nomcom-chair-2018 at ietf dot org