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Nomcom 2007-8 at the Vancouver Meeting
November 29, 2007

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
November 29, 2007
Nomcom 2007-8 at the Vancouver Meeting

The nomcom has been busy with the selection process over the past
several months reviewing candidates' questionnaire responses, processing
community feedback and gearing up to make use of the face-to-face time
at the Vancouver meeting as effectively as possible.  We have scheduled
some interviews at the Vancouver meeting and may schedule additional
interviews with candidates over the phone or may ask for additional
information via email.  If you are a candidate, we very much appreciate
your patience while we work on the selections.

We are slightly behind in our schedule, but expect to send out requests
for feedback on IAB and IAOC candidates in the next few days. While the
community provides feedback on the IAB and IAOC candidates, we plan to
finalize the selections for the open IESG positions.  We hope that this
parallelization will put us back on track to meet the deadlines. We will
make all attempts to meet the posted deadlines.

Nomcom members will continue to listen to community feedback at the
Vancouver meeting.  Please send an email to one of the nomcom members or
me directly to setup a time to chat about the selections this year.

Thank you again for the nominations and feedback on candidates.

best regards,
2007-8 Nomcom Chair