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Fourth Nomcom 2008-9Call for Volunteers
August 11, 2008

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
August 11, 2008
Fourth Nomcom 2008-9Call for Volunteers
Fourth Nomcom 2008-9 Call for Volunteers!
I am pleased to report that there are 91 volunteers whose
qualifications have been confirmed by the secretariat.  
There is 1 more volunteers awaiting confirmation, as of Monday
afternoon, August 11, 2008.
However, I would still like more volunteers.
You have until August 18th, 2008 as stated below.  Please do so. 
The full details are included below.  Please use the listed format, as
that helps me and the secretariat do our jobs better. 

In a separate note, I will post the current list of verified Volunteers.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,
Joel M. Halpern

Once again, the IETF nominating process has begun, and the community
(and I) need your help.  The IETF Nominating Committee appoints folks to
fill the open slots on the IAOC, the IAB, and the IESG.  The people who
do that are 10 folks selected randomly from the pool of volunteers.
To make this work well for the community, we need people to volunteer.
Lots of people.  Please!

Volunteers must have attended 3 of the past 5 IETF meetings.  As defined
by RFC 3777, that is 3 of the past 5 meetings as of the time this
announcement goes out to start the solicitation. If you qualify, and are
willing to forgo appointment to any of the positions for which the
nominating committee is responsible, please volunteer.  Details on the
nominating process can be found in RFC 3777.

Below is the list of people and posts whose terms end with the March
2009 IETF meeting, and whose positions therefore the nominating
committee is responsible for:

Jonne Soininen

Loa Andersson
Barry Leiba
Kurtis Lindqvist
Danny McPherson
Dave Thaler
Lixia Zhang

IETF and IESG Chair: Russ Housley
Applications Area (app): Chris Newman
Internet Area (int): Mark Townsley
Operations and Management Area (ops): Ronald Bonica
Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area (rai):
    Jon Peterson
Routing Area (rtg): David Ward
Security Area (sec): Tim Polk
Transport Area (tsv): Lars Eggert

Before volunteering, please think about whether you want to be
considered for one of the above positions instead.  If you are willing
to volunteer, please send email before 5:00 pm EDT (2100 UTC/GMT) August
18, 2008 (otherwise, please read on)

Please send email to me using the following skeleton:

Subject: Nomcom 2008-9 Volunteer

<Your Full Name>  // As you enter in the IETF Registration Form,
                  // First/Given name followed by Last/Family Name
<Current Primary Affiliation>
                  // typically what goes in the Company field
                  //  in the IETF Registration Form
[<all email addresses used to Register for the past 5 IETF meetings>]
<Preferred email address>  //
<Telephone number>         // For confirmation if selected

Please expect an email response from me within 1-2 days stating
whether you are qualified or not.  If you don't receive anything, please
re-send your email with the tag (duplicate) in the subject line.
During the IETF meeting in Dublin, responses will be somewhat slower,
due to both my activities at the meeting and the secretariat's many
activities in support of the meeting.   I will try to send out at least
a prompt confirmation that your email volunteering has been received.

Not convinced yet?  Please consider that nomcom members play an
important role in shaping the leadership of the IETF.  If you are a
people person, you will enjoy meeting many of the active contributors to
the IETF.  If you prefer instead to read a lot of email, well, we have
that too.  Being a nomcom member is also an important responsibility: it
requires adherence to confidentiality rules and some time commitment
from the members.  The term of this nomcom will begin in early September
this year.  We will be talking with folks at the Minneapolis IETF (if
you are there.  It is not mandatory that all nomcom members come to the
meeting.)  I hope to wrap up our primary selection work by mid-December,
and we must complete our selection work by mid-January.

We will be collecting requirements from the community, as well as
talking to candidates and to community members about candidates.
There will be weekly conference calls to ensure progress.

Nomcom members are selected following a publicly verifiable random
selection method specified in RFC 3797.

For the nomcom to work as it should, the pool from which the volunteers
are chosen should be as large as possible. The more people who
volunteer, the better chance we have of choosing a random yet
representative cross section of the IETF population.

Ensuring the leadership of the IETF is fair and balanced and comprised
of those who can lead the IETF in the right direction is an important
responsibility that rests on the IETF participants at large.
Volunteering for the nomcom is a good way of contributing in that
direction.  So please volunteer!

I will be publishing a more thorough and precise target timetable, as
well as details of the randomness seeds to be used for the RFC 3797
selection process within the next few days.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you,
Joel M. Halpern