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Final NOMCOM 2008-9 Volunteer list
August 25, 2008

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
August 25, 2008
Final NOMCOM 2008-9 Volunteer list
Here is the list of 99 volunteers who will make up the pool for the random
selection of members of the 2008-9 nominating committee.
Following the list is the explanation for the one removal, and then a
recapitulation of the seed sources that will be used to drive the RFC 3797
selection process.

The list of volunteers is:
Pos	Last Name,	First Names;	Affiliation	
001	Aboba,          Bernard;	Microsoft	
002	Akkerhuis,	Jaap;	        Nlnet Labs	
003	Ali,	        Zafar;	        Cisco Systems	(Cisco)
004	Atkinson,	Ran;    	Extreme Networks	
005	Bagnulo,	Marcelo;	UC3M	
006	Barnes, 	Richard;	BBN Technologies	
007	Berger, 	Lou;    	LabN Consulting	
008	Bernstein,	Greg;   	Grotto Networks	
009	Blanchet,	Marc;   	Viagenie	
010	Brim,   	Scott;  	Cisco	
011	Burger, 	Eric;   	SIP Forum	
012	Campbell,	Ben;     	Tekelec	
013	Chakrabarti,	Samita; 	IP Infusion - An ACCESS company	
014	Chown,  	Tim;    	University of Southampton	
015	Combes, 	Jean-Michel;	Orange Labs R&D	(France Telecom)
016	Crocker,	Dave;   	Brandenburg InternetWorking	
017	Davies, 	Elwyn;  	Folly Consulting	
018	Dawkins,	Spencer;	Huawei Technologies	(Huawei)
019	Deng,   	Hui;    	China Mobile	
020	Denis-Courmont,	Remi	        Nokia Corporation	(Nokia)
021	Devarapalli,	Vijay;  	Wichorus	
022	Drage,  	Keith;  	Alcatel-Lucent  	
023	Drake,  	John;   	Boeing	
024	Droms,   	Ralph;  	Cisco	
025	Eckert, 	Toerless;	Cisco Systems	(Cisco)
026	Ersue,  	Mehmet; 	Nokia Siemens Networks	
027	Farrel, 	Adrian; 	Old Dog Consulting	
028	Farrell,	Stephen;	Trinity College & Newbay Software	
029	Ganesan,	Sam;    	Motorola	
030	Garcia, 	Miguel; 	Ericsson	
031	Geelen, 	Eric;   	Tellabs	
032	Gellert,	Dorothy;	Nokia	
033	Hanna,  	Stephen;	Juniper Networks	
034	Hartman,	Sam;    	Painless Security	
035	Hautakorpi,	Jani;   	Ericsson	
036	Hoeneisen,	Bernie; 	Swisscom	
037	Holmberg,	Christer;	Ericsson	
038	Isomaki,	Markus; 	Nokia	
039	Jaeggli,	Joel;   	Nokia	
040	Jankiewicz,	Ed;     	SRI International	
041	Johansson,	Ingemar;	Ericsson	
042	Kafle,  	Ved;    	NICT, Japan	
043	Kaplan, 	Hadriel;	Acme Packet	
044	Kent,   	Stephen;	BBN Technologies	
045	Kiss,   	Krisztian;	Nokia	
046	Kniveton,	T.J.;   	Nokia	
047	Koch,   	Peter;  	DENIC	
048	Kohno,  	Miya;   	Juniper Networks	
049	Koike,  	Arata;  	NTT	
050	Krishnan,	Suresh; 	Ericsson	
051	Lear,   	Eliot;  	Cisco Systems GmbH	(Cisco)
052	Lepinski,	Matthew;	BBN Technologies	
053	Livingood,	Jason;   	Comcast	
054	Loreto, 	Salvatore;	Ericsson	
055	Marjou, 	Xavier; 	France Telecom	
056	Marocco,	Enrico; 	Telecom Italia	
057	Martini,	Luca;   	Cisco	
058	Matuszewski,	Marcin; 	Nokia	
059	Melia,  	Telemaco;	Cisco	
060	Nadeau, 	Thomas; 	BT Group	
061	Narayan,	Kaushik;	Cisco Systems	(Cisco)
062	Nemi,   	Aki;    	Nokia	
063	Novo,   	Oscar;  	Ericsson	
064	Papadimitriou,	Dimitri;	Alcatel-Lucent
065	Park,   	Soohong Daniel;	Samsung Electronics	
066	Phelan, 	Tom;    	Sonus Networks	
067	Pillay-Esnault,	Padma;  	Cisco Systems	(Cisco)
068	Raszuk, 	Robert; 	Juniper Networks	
069	Rekhter,	Yakov;  	Juniper Networks	
070	Rescorla,	Eric;   	RTFM	
071	Resnick,	Pete;   	Qualcomm	
072	Richardson,	Michael;	Sandelman Software / Xelerance	
073	Roach,  	Adam;   	Tekelec	
074	Sasaki, 	Erick;  	NTT	
075	Savolainen,	Teemu;  	Nokia  	
076	Schmidt,	Christian;	Nokia Siemens Networks	
077	Scudder,	John;   	Juniper Networks	
078	Shockey,	Richard;	NeuStar	
079	StJohns,	Michael C.;	Independent	
080	Sullivan,	Andrew; 	Command Prompt	
081	Swallow,	George; 	Cisco Systems	(Cisco)
082	Taylor, 	Tom;    	PT Taylor Consulting	
083	Templin,	Fred;   	Boeing	
084	Tschofenig,	Hannes; 	Nokia Siemens Networks	
085	Turner, 	Sean;   	IECA, Inc.	
086	Uijterwaal,	Henk;   	RIPE NCC	
087	van Beijnum,	Iljitsch;	IMDEA Networks	
088	Veikkolainen,	Simo;   	Nokia	
089	Vogt,   	Christian;	Ericsson	
090	Walsh,  	Thomas; 	Juniper Networks	
091	Wasserman,	Margaret;	ThingMagic	
092	Wassim, 	Michel Haddad;	Qualcomm	
093	Wenger, 	Stephan;	Nokia	
094	White,  	Russ;   	Cisco	
095	Zeilenga,	Kurt;   	Isode Limited	
096	Zhao,   	Yi;     	Huawei USA	(Huawei)
097	Zhao,   	Yuankui;	Huawei
098	Zhu,    	Larry;  	Microsoft	
099	Zorn,   	Glen;   	Self1	

The one removal from the list was Ole Jacobsen.  During the protest
period, it was noted that Ole is a sitting member of the IAOC.  RFC 3777
is quite explicit about who is prohibited from serving on the nominating
committee.  And the IAOC members are not excluded.  This is presumably
because the IAOC did not exist when RFC 3777 was written.
Given that the nominating committee will be appointing a member to the
IAOC, and the importance of avoiding even the appearance of improper
influence, Ole chose to withdraw his name from consideration for serving
on this years nominating committee.  I thank him for his willingness to
serve, and his choice to remove his name.

As stated in my slides at the Thursday plenary, the set of seed
sources that I expect to use on August 29 is:
EuroMillions:  Friday August 29, 2008 Results:
    All 7 numbers (5 numbers from 1 - 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 - 9) 
US National debt ("Debt Held by the Public"), published by the
Treasury department as of August 28, 2008 (Published on August 29,
    Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods
US National debt ("Intragovernmental Holdings"), published by the
Treasury department as of August 28, 2008 (Published on August 29, 2008)
    Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods
Megamillions Lottery, Friday August 29, 2008 
    All 6 numbers (including the Mega Ball)

Thank you,
Joel M. Halpern