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Nomcom 2009-2010: IETF-76 Office hours
November 7, 2009

Mary Barnes <>
IETF Announcement list <>
November 7, 2009
Nomcom 2009-2010: IETF-76 Office hours
Hi all,

As you know,  Nomcom is in the process of reviewing the nominees for the
various open positions as summarized on the Nomcom wiki:

We appreciate the feedback provided thus far. However, we need more
community feedback including from current members of the various I*
organizations.  This community feedback is critical for this process to be
effective.   Feedback can be on specific individuals, specific positions,
leadership in general, IETF operations or on other issues which you
believe the nomcom should consider in their deliberations.  Please keep in
mind that due to the confidentiality of the Nomcom process, the nomcom
members are very limited in the information that they may share with the

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please let me know or send
a request to Alternatively, please find one of the
Nomcom members (wearing an orange dot) at the meeting and share your
thoughts or drop by the Nomcom office - Orion room on the 7th floor. 

We will be available in the Nomcom room - Orion on the 7th floor - as
follows (M-Fri):
Mon 11/09/09: 	15:20-17:20
Tues 11/10/09: 	11:40-12:50
Wed 11/11/09: 	9:00 - 11:30,  13:00-15:00	
Thurs 11/12/09:  8:00-9:00
Fri 11/13/09:  9:00-9:50, 10:40-12:50

Of course, anyone is welcome to send input and feedback to the Nomcom
( or directly to myself or any nomcom voting member as
identified in the Nomcom wiki.

Mary H. Barnes