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NomCom needs your feedback!
November 10, 2020

NomCom Chair 2020 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
November 10, 2020
NomCom needs your feedback!
NomCom is considering nominees for AD positions, IETF Chair, IAB, LLC 
Board, and IETF Trust. We need more input from the community both on 
specific nominees and on over-arching topics regarding what the 
community wants from these specific groups and wants from its 
leadership in general. We need *your* input.

** Deadline for community feedback is Friday November 20. **

We've paid attention to discussions on the ietf list. Issues raised there 
have been brought up in interviews.

We've also asked questions of nominees based on feedback received, 
and based on the "Topics" that people said were important.
We're listening to you. 

But most of the input to date has come from a few consistently vocal 
people. We need to hear from more of you.

I scheduled our office hours during the 2 weeks before next week's IETF, 
because IETF week is so busy. We have one more left (18:00-19:00 UTC 
November 11). No-one but NomCom members showed up for our first 3. ☹ 
If there is demand for more office hours, I'll schedule them; but this 
really doesn't seem to be the preferred format for input.

Most input is coming in as either 
 - email to
 - feedback on
On the feedback page, the specific nominees are all listed at the top. 
General Topics are at the bottom.
We pay attention to all the comments we get through these channels.

I'll also try to hang out in Gather.Town during IETF breaks next week. 
I'm not going to have a specific NomCom area in Gather.Town, because it 
was really lonely hanging out there during IETF 108.
But please feel free to hunt me down and bend my ear -- on NomCom 
issues or just to chat.
I miss seeing all of y'all!

Barbara Stark
NomCom 2020 Chair