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Nomcom 2010-2011: List of Volunteers for Random Selection
July 14, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
July 14, 2010
Nomcom 2010-2011: List of Volunteers for Random Selection
Hi Folks,

There have been no further changes or challenges to the list of 101
nomcom volunteers since I published the updated list on July 12  Therefore, this will be the
ordered list of 101 volunteers used in the random selection.  I have
copied and attached the final list of 101 volunteers below.

The random selection will occur on Thursday, July 15 according to the
published timeline in

The seed sources (copied below) were published in  and are also copied below.

The set of seed sources that are expected to be used in selecting the
committee members are as follows:

The National Lottery: Daily Play: Thursday, July 15, 2010 Results:
  (7 numbers from 1-27)

US National debt ("Debt Held by the Public"), published by the
Treasury department as of Wednesday, July 14, 2010
(Published on July 15, 2010) 
  Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods

US National debt ("Intragovernmental Holdings"), published by the
Treasury department as of Wednesday, July 14, 2010
(Published on July 15, 2010) 
  Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods

Massachusetts Lottery Powerball Drawing: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Results
(11:20 PM EDT draw on July 14, 2010):
  (5 numbers from 1-59 and 1 Power Ball number from 1-39)

Ordered List of Volunteers for Random Selection:
Copied from
1.  Jaap Akkerhuis, NLnet Labs;
2.  Derek Atkins, Computer and Internet Security Consultant;
3.  Gabor Bajko, Nokia;
4.  Fred Baker, Cisco Systems;
5.  Richard Barnes, BBN Technologies;
6.  Ray Bellis, Nominet UK;
7.  Lou Berger, LabN Consulting, L.L.C.;
8.  Marc Blanchet, Viagenie;
9.  Rolf J Blom, Ericsson;
10.  Matthew Bocci, Alcatel-Lucent;
11.  Scott Brim, Cisco;
12.  John Jason Brzozowski, Comcast;
13.  Ken Carlberg, G11;
14.  Gregory Cauchie, France Telecom  Orange;
15.  H Anthony Chan, Huawei Technologies;
16.  Subir Das, Telcordia Technologies Inc;
17.  Wojciech Dec, Cisco;
18.  Lilla Dovner, Ericsson AB;
19.  Keith Drage, Alcatel-Lucent;
20.  John Drake, Juniper Networks;
21.  Donald E. Eastlake 3rd, Cisco;
22.  Byron Ellacott, APNIC;
23.  Mehmet Ersue, Nokia Siemens Networks;
24.  Luyuan Fang, Cisco Systems, Inc.;
25.  Dorothy Gellert, InterDigital Communications;
26.  Eric Gray, Ericsson;
27.  Chris Griffiths, Comcast;
28.  Wassim Haddad, Ericsson;
29.  Michael Hamilton, BreakingPoint Systems;
30.  Stephen Hanna, Juniper Networks;
31.  Tony Hansen, AT&T Labs;
32.  Susan Hares, Huawei Technologies;
33.  Hugo Salgado Hernandez, NIC Chile;
34.  Bernie Hoeneisen, Ucom Standards Track Solutions GmbH;
35.  Fangwei Hu (Wei Hu), zte corporation;
36.  Feng Hu, Huawei Technologies;
37.  Fuqing Huang, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.;
38.  Luigi Iannone, T-Labs;
39.  Joel Jaeggli, Nokia;
40.  Edward J. (Ed) Jankiewicz, SRI International;
41.  Cullen Jennings, Cisco;
42.  Ingemar Johansson, Ericsson AB;
43.  Krisztian Kiss, Nokia;
44.  Miya Kohno, Juniper Networks;
45.  Jouni Korhonen, Nokia Siemens Networks;
46.  Suresh Krishnan, Ericsson;
47.  Dirk Kroeselberg, Nokia Siemens Networks;
48.  Yiu L. Lee, Comcast;
49.  Matthew Lepinski, BBN Technologies;
50.  Hongyu Li, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.;
51.  Salvatore Loreto, Ericsson;
52.  Wenhu Lu, Ericsson;
53.  Terry Manderson, ICANN;
54.  Scott Mansfield, Ericsson;
55.  Enrico Marocco, Telecom Italia;
56.  Luca Martini, Cisco;
57.  Arifumi Matsumoto, NTT PF Labs;
58.  Jan Melen, Ericsson;
59.  Telemaco Melia, Alcatel-Lucent;
60.  David Meyer, Cisco Systems;
61.  George Michaelson, APNIC;
62.  Frederico A C Neves,;
63.  Glenn Parsons, Ericsson;
64.  Keyur Patel, Cisco Systems;
65.  Basavaraj Patil, Nokia;
66.  Charles Perkins, Tellabs;
67.  Simon Perreault, Viagnie;
68.  Leon Portman, NICE Systems;
69.  Pete Resnick, Qualcomm Incorporated;
70.  Behcet Sarikaya, Huawei USA;
71.  Teemu Savolainen, Nokia;
72.  Christian Schmidt, Nokia Siemens Networks;
73.  Shida Schubert, NTT;
74.  John Scudder, Juniper Networks;
75.  Jan Seedorf, NEC Laboratories Europe;
76.  Karen Seo, BBN Technologies;
77.  David Sinicrope, Ericsson;
78.  Haibin Song, Huawei Technologies;
79.  Pete St. Pierre, Oracle;
80.  Andrew Sullivan, Shinkuro;
81.  George Swallow, Cisco Systems;
82.  Mark Townsley, Cisco;
83.  Brian Trammell, ETH Zurich;
84.  Ole Troan, Cisco;
85.  Tina TSOU (Ting ZOU), Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd;
86.  Gunter Van de Velde, Cisco Systems;
87.  Huub van Helvoort, Huawei Technologies;
88.  Stephan Wenger, Vidyo, Inc.;
89.  Steven Craig White, BT;
90.  Klaas Wierenga, Cisco Systems;
91.  Rolf Winter, NEC Labs Europe;
92.  Qin Wu, Huawei Technologies;
93.  Huaru Yang, Huawei Technologies;
94.  Jiankang Yao, CNNIC;
95.  Lucy Yong, Huawei Technologies;
96.  Kurt Zeilenga, Isode Limited;
97.  Zachary Zeltsan, Alcatel-Lucent;
98.  Dacheng Zhang, Huawei;
99.  Lixia Zhang, UCLA;
100.  Yi Zhao, Huawei USA;
101.  Ning Zong, Huawei Technologies;