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Nomcom 2010-2011: READ THIS: Important Information on Open Disclosure
September 21, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 21, 2010
Nomcom 2010-2011: READ THIS: Important Information on Open Disclosure
Hi Folks,

A few folks have submitted some very helpful comments and I'd like to
share the answers publicly.

Q: If the List is Open why does it require a Login?

A: As interpreted by this NomCom, the list is disclosed to the IETF
community but remains confidential within the IETF community.  

Note the wording in RFC 5680:
"The NomCom may disclose a list of names of nominees who are willing to
be considered for positions under review to the community, in
order to obtain feedback from the community on these nominees."

The disclosure is only "to the community".  You must have a "community"
login to see the list.  

Q:  How do I get a login if I do not have one already?

A:  Any login you originally used to subscribe to an IETF mailing list
should work here.  But if it doesn't, then you need a username/password
which is easy to get from 

Just select "Get Passwd" from the left margin and it will take you to the
new login page.  User name will be your email address and you can then
request a password at this page 

Q:  Can I disclose the Open List of Willing Nominees outside the IETF
community?  Can I copy and distribute it or make it publicly available
outside the community?

A:  Well, I am not a lawyer but I would advise not to.  This NomCom
interprets the Open Disclosure as disclosing confidential information "to
the community" as supported by the wording in RFC 5680.  

Maybe this is a bit over simplified, but if I tell you (i.e., the
Community) something confidential that does not mean you (i.e., a member
of the Community) can tell others.  

NomCom is doing the disclosing to the group known as the IETF Community.
The IETF Community members are not authorized by this NomCom to disclose
it further.  Keep the list within the community.  

Hope this helps.

Thomas Walsh
Chair, Nomcom 2010-2011